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EN | The salary in France

Are you ready to spend your money? People employed in France are an investment!

On principle, every penny you give to your French employee will be treated as a salary. Meaning: supporting the social contributions that come with it.

2 types of social contributions:

- the one "paid" by the employee: would be deducted from his gross salary ("brut").
Gross salary - employee's social contributions = net salary before income tax
Here, depending on the gross, it would be roughly 20 to 24%.

- the one paid by the employer: on top of the gross salary.
Gross salary + employer's contributions = cost to the company
Are you ready to see the figures?Again, the percentage is not always the same and depends on the gross salary: from 24% to 45%!

What does this mean?

As crazy as it may sound, there is a ratio of x1.5 to x2 between the net salary (before income tax) and the total cost to the company.Thankfully, there are several ways no to treat every penny as a salary.👌In France, we like to have “an exception to every rule” We'll see them later!

At least, do you know what the nice counterpart will be? Working with French guys is a truly amazing experience!

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Timothée Jacques
Founder of HReact
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