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Why choose HReact?


A multidisciplinary team
The diversity of the team's expertise contributes to the richness of the answers provided every day to our clients' challenges.
Using this complementarity strategy, we manage to be part of the company's long-term approach.


A pragmatic approach
We combine an expert's view with a user's view to cultivate an operational dimension of the  service provided.
This on-the-ground culture is at the heart of our DNA and is highly valued by our partners.


No bullshit
At HReact, there are no surprises, least of all about our ability to meet our clients' needs.
We are transparent  about our support, our added value and the prices we charge.

Our vision

Solide comme un rox - Montagnes

Unity as a strength

We build and implement decisions with our clients; clients with whom we quickly move beyond the "client/provider" relationship to form a rock-solid partnership!

En voiture Simone - Engagement à long terme

The never-ending story

Home, James, and don't spare the horses! The journeys with our clients are never really over. We create value with a long-term commitment.

Boat - rowing together


We are here to implement the strategy that we have defined together, and we work alongside  our clients on a daily basis.

Hibou - Une vision à 360 degrés

360 degrees

Our customers aim high, we have a 360-degree vision. This approach allows us to carry out a complete diagnosis of the company in order to understand the needs, plan and  prioritise the actions to be taken.

The team

Timothée Jacque - Founder / Director

Timothée started working in HR more than 15 years ago.​
After obtaining a Master Degree in Employment law at La Sorbonne University, he became an In house counsel for Société Générale, one of the biggest banks in Europe, where he worked for 5 years.

Then he fell into the Retail world and became the Employee Relations Manager for Caroll, a well-known brand in France and continental Europe.​

After more than 2 very exciting years, he moved to the UK and continued his career with Dr  Martens, the famous UK shoe brand, where he built their HR foundations in France, Belgium and Netherlands.

​Following that experience, he worked for Lululemon Athletica (Canadian retailer) and Richard Mille (Luxury Switzerland watches) where he had the opportunity, on a temporary basis, to review and secure their HR operations in Europe.

Amelie Kergoat, HR Consultant

Amélie joined the company in 2019. Graduate of EM Normandie - Business School, and holder of a Master's Degree in Accounting Expertise, she spent 5 years as a Financial Controller in La Halle and at Caroll International.

​Then, still in the Retail sector, she worked for 10 years as a Regional Director / HR Referentat Caroll International and Undiz (Etam Group). Interacting  with leaders, managers and employees, she was able to bring out pragmatic HR  decisions and solutions, by finding a consensus between performance  requirements, individual aspirations and collective intelligence.

After a very operational career of 15 years, it is thus quite naturally that she joined HReact as a Human Resources Consultant in order to provide answers tailored to clients’ needs, while supporting the development of company.

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