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CIPD. Four letters that meant nothing to me when I arrived in the UK from France.

This was no surprise, as being an HR professional in France is different. There is no French equivalent of the CIPD.
Quickly, after working for a few months in an HR team in the UK, I understood the role of the CIPD and the importance of its certifications.

You can imagine my surprise when I was contacted by them as they needed support for a training they were planning to deliver to French HRBPs. Thanks to Nick Court who was crazy enough to provide my name as he knows my passions for HR data.

More than a passion, it is really a mindset. I cannot imagine making decisions without using data. I always found it strange that an HR department had to be the only structure in a company that always collected data and one of the last one to base their strategy/actions on.

It could be true that an HR team does not always have all the necessary skills (Excel, data visualisation, etc.) and/or the time to use the data. If so, make everything possible to change such context. You will see the impact you can have when you start using the HR data!

Delivering such training was also a great opportunity to work with great people.
Thanks to THE team: Veronica Cabedo, Valérie Weston and Giles O'Halloran and all the people involved in the CIPD for making these trainings/sessions a reality.

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Timothée Jacques
Founder of HReact
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