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EN | France - No.1 destination for foreign investment in Europe

Is it really a surprise? Was it expected to see France becoming No. 1 destination for foreign investment in Europe?

As a matter of fact, France has always struggled to sell its own country and to be as attractive as some other European countries. Question of culture… we prefer to see what does not work instead of being proud of and promoting what we do well.

💶 This first position proves, for those who still had a doubt, that you can do business and make money when you invest in France.

⚖️ I must admit that our market is not an easy one to apprehend. It requires a lot of anticipation as the legislation is different, the culture unique and most costs supported by a company (labour, corporate tax…) are higher.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 On top of many tips that I am going to share week after week on LinkedIn, if you want to give yourself the best chance for success: surround yourself with the right people.

Having experts by your side who know the local market to help you navigate through your project is key!

✈️ When you fly with an airline, do you bring your own pilot? Do you not have more chance to arrive on time if you trust the pilot instead of trying to explain him how he should pilot the plane?

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Timothée Jacques
Founder of HReact
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