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EN | "France is too complex, Regulation is just crazy, Labour cost is way too high"

It sounds like a 7-year-old kid complaining! 😭 In fact, it is not. These are the excuses used by Getir and Flink, as reported in a newspaper, when they tried to explain why they are leaving the French market.

I am fed up with such comments… 😡

1️⃣ "Too complex?" Compared to what? There will always be countries with deregulated systems.
Yes, in France, we love to create regulations and make them change. You know what? They are not hidden; they are available, and experts can help you understand them.

2️⃣ "Cost is too high." From a mathematical point of view, it is true. But do you know why? Our system is based on social contributions paid on every gross salary. Then, this money collected is used to finance pensions, healthcare, unemployment, etc.

Yes, coming to France requires some due diligence to know exactly how you can operate your model here! As I say to my clients: 80% of the success is in the preparation, the rest is execution!

If expanding a business were as easy as raising millions 💸 and burning 🔥 it, everybody could do it!!

To the actors of Quick Commerce, instead of blaming others, look at your model and why you missed it in the first place!

France is a great country to expand and succeed when you are humble enough to adapt your business to our culture!

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Timothée Jacques
Founder of HReact
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