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EN | Expanding its business in France

Expanding its business in France is like opening a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!

When you are planning to come to France, there are a few things which can make your new adventure taste better:

- Preparation
Have you ever seen an athlete win a competition without being prepared?
We always say that for any project, 80% of your future success is preparation. Plenty of topics should be anticipated: organization, legal, finance… and of course HR.

It is never fun to start a race and being forced to change the engine just after a few laps.

If there is one HR tip to take with you: make your budget. It sounds like a basic advice, but with the golden medal of the labour cost , you must think twice about it. It is not only a question of margin, it also means that you must adapt your benefits, business, customer service…

- Adaptation
Coming here in France means being open-minded and flexible to understand the French way as any decision you will make may find obstacles. But sometimes, if you are willing to do something you have never done before in your home country, you could benefit to the few advantages the French system may offer.

- Trust
Expanding in France is like taking a plane. Do you bring your own pilot when you are flying?
For any foreign companies wanting to develop their business in France, understanding the culture, customers and regulations are key.

Creating a team of experts internally and externally will be crucial to move forward quickly. Bringing on board the knowledge you don't have, means letting them make the right decisions on your behalf.

And don't worry, your success and their success are connected and you will soon celebrate around a nice table and some good wine!

Keep in mind that chocolate and a good bottle of wine work very well together!

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Timothée Jacques
Founder of HReact
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