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EN | Company Car in France - How does it work?

🚘 Men and their cars... Crazy to see how people can still care a lot about such a benefit.

Do it right and you will save a huge amount of money... and time!

1 - Who will take the lease?
▶️ Adapt your benefit to French legislation
▶️ Money you give = salary = social contribution to pay
▶️ Exception = benefit in kindTo be considered as a benefit in kind, a company must take the car lease.

2 - Choice of cars
This is where it starts to be fun! Have you ever talked to a Real Estate Director or a Sales Director? It looks like their car is their second home. Probably spending more time in it than in their own bed!
They wont go for the cheapest model. As the car will be also be used for their own travel, they will push for a nice brand. Probably more German than French.

📏 Set your own rules here.Keep in mind that, as they see cars as a mirror of who they are, there will be a part of irrationality in their wishes!And of course, do not forget to mention this benefit in the contract and prepare a car policy.

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Timothée Jacques
Founder of HReact
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