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EN | Do you really want to argue with a French person?

A few weeks ago I expressed my surprise to see the French market becoming the 1st destination for foreign investment in Europe.

I promised I would share more tips for expanding a business in France. Here we come!

🧱 How to structure/manage your business? The Global-Local dilemma…

Copy and paste what is working elsewhere is not a guarantee. I believe one key to success is to be able to adapt its business to each local market.

Do not waste time and set from day one your expectations and the limits of what your team can do locally.

😱 I know it is not easy to trust a new team in a country where you are lost, outside your comfort zone and without “repères”. Despite the legitimate fear, it would be essential to listen, be flexible and accept to delegate.

As being agile was already essential, I am even more convinced now that businesses than can react and take the right decision quickly will always be a step ahead.

And one thing to keep in mind: do you really want to argue about everything on a daily basis with a French person? 😡

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Timothée Jacques
Founder of HReact
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