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Why Outsource Recruiting?

Do you have growth projects that will involve an increase in headcount?
Understanding who you are and where you want to go will be crucial for advising you in the best possible way.

Project phases

There are 3 Key Phases:

Recruitment phase

Direct approach + processing of applications and conducting interviews with a report for the selected candidates

Immersion phase

On-site visit to better understand the functioning of your business, the exact missions of each team member, the values and culture of the company

Growth support phase

Possibility to support you in the day-to-day HR management of your teams according to your needs.

Recruitment for your business

Efficient Team


Remote meetings with several employees to better understand your business's operations, the exact missions of the position as well as your company's values and culture

Sourcing / Recruitment

Candidate Sourcing, application processing,
conducting interviews,
and providing reports
for selected candidates

Growth support

Anticipating growth
Bringing our knowledge of operational HR management

Pool / Onboarding

We can assist you in anticipating your recruitment needs by creating a pool of candidates based on your projected budgets and providing support for effective onboarding

Focus on Recruitment

To recruit effectively and qualitatively:


Coming on site to get a feel for the company's DNA and your team's day-to-day work

Job description

Writing a complete and attractive job description

Job hunting

Publishing on job boards, using our network, hunting


Sorting CVs, organising pre-selection interviews and proposing qualified profiles with reports (via Notion - our tool)

Our Sourcing / Recruitment Offer

How much should you pay to hire an employee?

sumo vs sumo

A time-based rate is fairer and more transparent for the clients!


Fixed day rate for a commitment to a certain number of recruitments per year

Commission between 18% and 25% of gross annual salary


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