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Day-to-day Support

Choosing to hire employees and not contractors implies a few responsibilities as a French company

Why HReact?

In France, you will face different topics, questions and challenges every day.
And to do so, you will need to understand the impact of HR on your business:
HReact is at your side to clarify your options at every stage

Single Point of contact

Use HR to ensure your success in France

Looking at the life cycle of an employee, we can divide it in into 3 stages:
> Dealing with him/her as a new starter
> Managing all the day-to-day questions/topics that he/she will raise
> Managing his/her departure

During these stages you will need to make practical decisions to move forward, and you will see that there are always payroll consequences.
We will be there to help you determine the best paths.

Employee Life Cycle

The main steps to onboard a new starter

Timeline New Starter

HR Day to Day: frequent issues to manage

Galaxy - Day-to-day

Being the dedicated point of contact for your employees whenever they have an HR related question (payslip, medical scheme ...) and support your future HR team

Managing administrative formalities related to absences (occupational accident, maternity/paternity leave…)

Updating individual employee files and creating an efficient process

Legal advice in case of management of disciplinary files (defining and applying an appropriate sanction)

Dealing with all the mails received from service providers (medical scheme, occupational health…) or government entities (CPAM, URSSAF…) related to payroll

How to deal with a leaver?

Timeline Leaver

Why let HReact take care of your HR Operations?

If you plan to expand your business in France, you will quickly see that managing your HR Operations will involve 2 types of missions:

Continuing to build all the foundations the business will need to grow

From the first employee you hire, taking care of all the HR topics the business will face

These two missions require two very different profiles. One requires certain skills and expertise, the other can be entrusted to a more junior person (daily management). So, until you have about 30 to 40 employees in France, does it make sense to have a full-time position?

Acting as an integrated partner to your team, we can handle all HR operations for you, allowing your in-house HR team to focus on more important matters for long-term growth (Performance, Leadership, Culture, D&L…).

A HR process managed from Start to Finish

For more peace of mind, we can handle everything from payroll management to day-to-day HR management, including recruitment.

Single Point of contact

A single point of contact for all HR matters

More efficiency

Real HR support
over the long term

More coherence
in actions

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