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You are a foreign company, and you want to develop your business in France?
Whatever phase you are in, early stage, scaling, expansion... HReact team can assist you in your project. If you have the ambition to create a local team to expand your business in France, we can assist you in the major steps not to be missed to ensure business sustainability.

by your side every step of the way


Preparing your project

This phase is crucial! Remember, it is often said that the success of a project is 80% Preparation 20% Execution.

Beyond all the classic HR topics such as the cost of labor, the type of employment contract, the legal and financial issues (company statutes / opening a bank account ...), you will also be faced with the clash of cultures .... in short, it is a project to be managed in a global and local way.


Setting up your business

Once the HR strategy is well defined, the HReact team will be there to help you deploy the action plan.

We are DOERS, we participate to the implementation of the daily tasks to facilitate the establishment of HR foundations, thus have a concrete impact on results. You can fully focus on your core business.


Enhancing your
workplace productivity

What gets measured gets managed! The next step is to select the relevant KPIs to track your activity and build dashboards that allow you to drive your business.

In addition, we are there to monitor the best tools to put in place to save time and increase efficiency.


Ensuring sustainable growth

To go further, and develop the skills of your employees according to the evolution of your company objectives, many training actions (on-boarding and ongoing training), and managerial rituals will have to be implemented.


Ready to develop your business in France?