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EN | Day 1 in France - Stay out of trouble

As a very cool business, you are open to recruiting people based in France even if you don’t have any direct activity and entity in the country.

After finding the right person, you realise that you will need to settle that relationship with your new ambassador in some way!
Many ways exist and some are to be avoided even if they look promising on paper.

What are your choices when the time comes to working with someone based in France?

🕊️ Freelance
Limited risk if this person is willing to work under this statute, which for him/her means having his/her own business. For you, as a newcomer to France, probably the easiest way to start. You won’t even need to create a French subsidiary.

🧑💼 Employee
Probably the scariest one due to the complexity and bad reputation of French employment law. Obviously, it would require some sort of French entity and the management of all admin behind it.

🤜🤛 Employer of record (or “Portage salariale” in France)
The kind of in-between. Here, the person you have found will be employed by a third party company (with the advantage of being hired as an employee) and you will contract a classic B2B agreement with that third party.

Those 3 options have pros and cons. They all should be investigated before you make your mind and your choice will depend on many parameters.

"Are you sure there is not another option??"

I am sure you will mention companies like Deel or Remote as the solution on paper looks so sexy and easy! In fact, the main solution they really offer when you don’t have an entity is to directly employ your staff.And let’s be specific: those guys you chose won’t be a part of your own staff.

Yes, this solves some legal/admin complexity (for the time being...trouble always arrive later!), meanwhile you are also sending a message to your market and to potential new joiners: “we don’t want to employ you!”

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